• Accordion content ZM-A type polycarboxylate high-performance water reducing admixture for commercial concrete mixing station. This product has multiple functions such as set retarding, strengthening, plastic retaining, good pumpability and lowering the peak of hydration heat of cement. This product is non-toxic, non-flammable, no corrosion on steel, harmless to human health. It can be widely used in concrete in constructions, roads, bridges, hydraulic and underground projects and other types of pumping constructions when pumping is not required, it can be adjusted to set retarding high-range water reducing admixtures.
    This product executes the standards of GB8076-2008 (Concrete admixtures), GB50119-2013 “Technical specification for application of concrete admixture”, GB/T8077 “Methods for testing uniformity of concrete admixture”.

    1. Enhancement effect: Under the premise of having the same slump and amount of cement as the reference concrete, the water reducing rate can reach 16-22%, the strength of concrete at various age is significantly increased, it can increase 50-90% at 3-7 days, and increase about 20% at 28 days.
    2. Pumping performance: significant pumpability. Compared with the reference concrete, under the premise of same water-cement ratio, the net increase in the slump is ≥100mm, the ratio of slump loss after 2 hours is ≤15%.
    3. Set retarding effect: Can significantly increase the fluidity of concrete, improve the operability, can delay the peak of hydration heat of cement to avoid the cold seam phenomenon on the construction bonding layer, and effectively improve its crack resistance and waterproof performance.
    4. Impermeability performance: Compared with the reference concrete, the impermeability index can improve more than 50%.
    5. Working performance: Has operational performance such as workability, water retention and bleeding capacity that can significantly improve fresh concrete.
    6. Smooth surface: Concrete that is mixed with this product has characteristics such as strong cohesiveness, low air content and bleeding rate, which can effectively improve the smoothness and appearance of various types of fair-faced concrete surfaces such as elevated highways, high-speed railways, and bridges.
    7. Tension and flexing: this product has the function of setting retarding first and hardening accelerating later, under the premise of ensuring the dosage, it can meet the requirements of 3d (except the setting time) tensile and 28d flexural strength of the concrete.
    8. Special effects function: According to the specific technical requirements, it allows the fresh concrete to have super set retarding (retard 26-48h), high slump retaining (basically no loss of concrete slump at 2h, expansion greater than 40mm), self-leveling, vibration-free and other features. It is particularly suitable for concrete projects such as large bridge foundations, grouting piles, foundation piles and deep water, deep foundations.
  • According to the product performance indices and user requirements, it meets the national, industrial and corporate standards.

  • This product is suitable for all types of pumping concrete, mass concrete, high-rise buildings, elevated highways, high-speed railways, bridges, hydraulic concrete and underground, underwater concrete pouring.

    1. The dosage range of this product is 1-1.5% (calculated based on the amount of cementitious materials), the optimal dosage can be adjusted and determined within the recommended range according to the requirements such as adaptability with cement, temperature change, concrete slump and so on.
    2. According to the measurement, it can be directly mixed into the concrete mixer.
    3. When calculating the water consumption of the concrete, the amount of water in the admixture should be deducted.
    4. When using this product, adaptability with the cement should be checked in advance based on the concrete mix ratio.
    1. When the type of cement is changed or new cement is introduced, compatibility test with cement should be done.
    2. It must be correctly mixed according to the test mix ratio. When pouring the concrete, it should be strictly operated in accordance with the construction specifications.
    3. For concrete that requires set retardation, the concrete should be tested in advance to determine the setting time.
    4. When it is used in combination with other admixtures, in order to increase the hardening acceleration of the concrete, the amount of cement in the concrete should be properly adjusted.
    5. When using this product, the factory should be notified 3-5 days in advance.
    1. It can be transported by tanker; Iron barrel 200kg/barrel; Plastic barrel 1000kg/barrel, it can also be specially packaged according to user requirements.
    2. This product has a one-year warranty, if there is precipitation during the warranty period, it is recommended to mix evenly before use, and it does not affect the effect. This product has already been widely used in various set retarding pumping concrete projects and commercial concrete companies.