• ZM-B type precast special polycarboxylate high-performance water reducing admixture is currently the latest lead product. It has high water reducing rate, and good adaptability with cement, high hardening accelerating strength, pollution-free and other features. At the same time it improves various performance indices of fresh concrete and improves workability and it is used to accelerate the turnover of templates.This product is a transparent liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, no corrosion to steel structure and harmless to human health.

    1. Enhancement effect: The 3 days strength reaches more than 100% of the designed concrete strength. 3-5 hours release, the strength of 6-8 hours reaches 15-20 MPa or more, and the strength at 28 days has greater increase ≥130%
    2. Early effect: It is mainly used for precast parts at same dosage to have an early strength and early release. Under the premise of ensuring quality, it accelerates the turnover of templates. It accelerates the progress of construction and effectively improves the efficiency.
    3. Working performance: It has an operational performance such as workability, water retention and bleeding capacity that improves the fresh concrete.
    4. Smooth surface: Concrete that is mixed with this product has characteristics such as strong cohesiveness, low air content and bleeding rate, which can effectively improve the smoothness and appearance of various types of fair-faced concrete surfaces such as elevated highways, high-speed railways, and bridges.
    5. Tension and flexing: it can meet the requirements of 3d tensile and 28d flexural strength of the concrete.
    6. Special effects function: During the preparation of high-strength (C60-C80) concrete, its high modulus, impermeability, anti-shrinkage, anti-creep, durability and other high-performance indices can meet the requirements.
  • Standards of “GB50119-2013 Technical specification for application of concrete admixture”, “GB/TB8077 Methods for testing uniformity of concrete admixture”.

  • This product is suitable for all kinds of pipe piles, precast pipe pieces and concrete with early strength requirements.

    1. The dosage range of this product is 1.5-2.0% (calculated based on the amount of cementitious materials), the optimal dosage can be adjusted and determined within the recommended range according to the requirements such as adaptability with cement, temperature change, concrete slump and so on (special mixture can be made for projects with special requirements).
    2. According to the measurement, it can be directly mixed into the concrete mixer.
    3. When using this product, adaptability with the cement should be checked in advance based on the concrete mix ratio.
    1. When the type of cement is changed or new cement is introduced, compatibility test with cement should be done.
    2. It must be correctly mixed according to the test mix ratio. When pouring the concrete, it should be strictly operated in accordance with the construction specifications.
    3. For concrete that requires set retardation, the concrete should be tested in advance to determine the setting time.
    4. It must not be used in combination with other admixtures.
    5. Like conventional concrete, the maintenance must be strengthened according to construction.
    6. When using this product, the factory should be notified 3-5 days in advance.
    1. It can be transported by closed tanker; Iron barrel 200kg/barrel; Plastic barrel 1000kg/barrel; it can also be specially packaged according to user requirements.
    2. This product has a one-year warranty, if there is precipitation during the warranty period, it is recommended to mix evenly before use, and it does not affect the effect.