• This product conforms to the concrete admixtures standard GB8076-2008 , and it is suitable for American standard ASTMC494 .
    ZM-HNJN has the characteristics of water reducing, strengthening and set retarding. The main components are naphthalene high range water reducing admixture, amino sulphur salt, pumping aid, retarder etc., and compounded with a variety of complex surface-active substances, the chloride salt and sulfate content of this product are extremely low, it does not corrode steels, no adverse effects on the concrete shrinkage, and good adaptability to Portland cement, it is widely used in various cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete, hydraulic concrete and other projects, it is suitable for the preparation of concrete grades below C50.

    1. The product is non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable.
    2. Water reduction: Add appropriate amount of ZM-HNJN into concrete, while keeping the construction and workability unchanged, the water reduction rate is 12-20%, thereby increasing the concrete strength and other physical and mechanical properties.
    3. Plasticity enhancement: Under the premise of maintaining the ratio of concrete mix, adding the appropriate amount of ZM-HNJN can make the concrete slump reach up to more than 20cm, which greatly improve the construction performance of the concrete.
    4. Set retarding: ZM-HNJN has appropriate set retarding properties, it can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
  • The dosage range of ZM-HNJN in concrete is carrier type 1.0~2.0kg/100kg cementitious materials, commonly used 1.5kg/100kg cementitious materials; fine powder type 0.3~1.2kg/100kg cementitious materials, commonly used 0.80kg/100kg. Before using the product, users should consider the local raw materials and construction conditions, determine the optimal dosage through testing to ensure the stability of the concrete quality.

  • Add in the well-measured LonS-50 powder, dry mix for 30 seconds, and then add the appropriate amount of mixing water and mix well.

    1. ZM-HNJN adopts packaging with plastic interior lining and woven outer lining outer, net weight of the carrier type is 40kg/bag; net weight of the fine powder is 25kg/bag.
    2. ZM-HNJN should be stored in dry warehouse, take note of moisture prevention.
    3. This product has an effective shelf life of 2 years, expired products can still be used after passing the inspection.