1. The main component of this product is β-naphthyl sulfonate formaldehyde condensate, sodium sulfate content ≤18.0%.
    2. Has a strong dispersion, water reducing enhancement effect is significant, its early strength effect is significant. It can accelerate the template, site turnover, accelerate the progress of the project, shorten the construction period. It is suitable for concrete with early strength and high strength performance requirements and other concretes that increase strength and improve long-term performance.
    3. It can significantly increase the slump of concrete, improve the fluidity of concrete. It is suitable for commercial concrete, pumping concrete, high flow concrete, grouting material etc.
    4. Do not (illegible) gas. It is suitable for various grades of concrete with steam curing conditions and nature conservation.
    5. No corrosion of the steel structure. It is suitable for precast and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete in various types of projects.
    6. Have good compatibility with Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement etc.
    1. This product has powder and liquid forms, the powder appears to be brownish yellow, the liquid appears to be brown, they are non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable.
    2. The dosage range is 0.3-1.5% (dosage of liquid admixture in solid content), the recommended dosage is 0.75% (dosage of liquid admixture in solid content).
    3. When adding the recommended amount of this product into concrete:
      While maintaining the same amount of cement and slump, the water reducing rate can reach more than 20%, the 1d compressive strength of the concrete can be increased by 40% -80%, 3d compressive strength can be increased by 30% -70%, 28d compressive strength can be increased by 20%-40%, and there is still an increase in the strength in the later stage.
      While maintaining the same water-cement ratio and water consumption, the concrete slump can be increased by more than 120mm.
      While keeping the slump and compressive strength unchanged, it can save more than 18% of cement. It can significantly increase and improve the durability of concrete and other mechanical properties.

      ZM-ND (Table 1 Uniformity indices)

      ZM-ND (Table 2 Performance indices of concrete of ZM-ND-type high range water reducing admixture)
    1. The powder dosage range of this product is 0.3-1.5%, the dosage to be used is 0.5-1.2%, the liquid dosage range is 1.5-2%, a suitable dosage may be selected based on the project object and raw materials used.
    2. It is recommended to use the powder products as a solution, but dry powder can also be used directly, but the concrete must be mixed evenly.
    3. If this product can be used using the stagment water incorporation method or later addition method, its water reducing and dispersion effects will be better.
    4. This product can be used in combination with other types of concrete admixtures. It can be mixed with fly ash, ground slag and other admixtures, but the dosage at this time should be calculated based on the total amount of cementitious material.
    5. When using this product for the first time or changing the type of cement, the concrete should be tested according to the raw materials and construction requirements used at the site, and the construction mix ratio should be corrected according to the test results, the construction dosage should be guided.
    1. The powders should be packed in bags with plastic interior lining and woven outer lining outer, the net quality of each bag is 25kg±0.13kg; the liquid should be packed using plastic or iron barrels, sealing is required to prevent spillage or evaporation, it can be transported using tankers.
    2. When transporting powder, beware of sharp objects in order to prevent the bags from breaking and getting dampened. If it is dampened, it can be formulated into a solution with a certain concentration, which does not affect the effect.
    3. This product should be stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse, it is valid for one year, expired products can still be used after passing the inspection.