• ZM-PCE-B polycarboxylate water-reducing admixture (slump retaining type mother liquor) is the new type of slump retaining type polycarboxylate water-reducing admixture developed by the company, it can significantly inhibit the slump loss of the concrete. The water-reducing and slump retaining performance of the product can be adjusted based on user requirements, in order to suit various customer operating conditions, it can be widely used in pumping concrete, super-flow self-compacting and high-strength high-performance concrete and commercial concrete.

    1. Large slump retain value, the product has larger slump retain value, no slump loss after 1 h, and it can reach up to more than 80% of slump loss of fresh concrete in 2 h, which not only can effectively solve the problem of rapid slump loss of concrete, it also simultaneously meet the slump retaining requirement under special working conditions;
    2. Excellent concrete performance, fresh concrete has good workability and excellent hardenability and durability.
    3. Wide adaptability, it has the wide adaptability to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland, fly ash cement, pozzolan cement and various admixtures.
    4. Wide adaptability coverage, it has the wide adaptability to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland, fly ash cement, pozzolan cement and various admixtures.
    5. Green, the environmentally friendly production process has zero emission, no heating is required, the raw materials used are non-toxic and harmless, three wastes are not produced in the production process.
    1. The experimental dosage is 0.3% -1% of the material (calculated by the weight of the cementitious materials). In the actual application, the optimal dosage should be determined experimentally based on cement, sand and stone and other materials and characteristics;
    2. The water-reducing admixture can dissolve in water, mixed with other small materials, it can also be added directly to the concrete for mixing, it is recommended to add after compounding;
    3. It can be used together with various retarders and slump retaining admixtures, it is not recommended to be mixed and used in combination with aliphatic and naphthalene water-reducing admixtures;
    4. Our company’s technical team provides customers with onsite compounding techniques and on-site technical guidance and training to the users.
    1. Suitable for the preparation of hardening accelerating concrete, set retarding concrete, precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, high-flowing concrete, self-compacting concrete, mass concrete, high-performance concrete and fair-faced concrete, Premixed and cast-in-place concrete used in various industrial and civil buildings. It is particularly suitable for low-grade commercial concrete;
    2. Can be widely used in high-speed railways, nuclear power, water conservancy and hydropower projects, subways, large bridges, highways, harbors and other large-scale and key projects in the country;
    3. Suitable for all kinds of civil constructions and commercial concrete mixing stations.
    1. The product out of the factory is a transparent liquid, it is packed in 200kg, 1000kg PE sealed barrels, it can also be transported in 10 tons, 20 tons tank trucks.
    2. The storage process is leak proof, avoided from sunlight and high temperatures.
    3. The shelf life is 6 months, expired products can only be used after passing the inspection.
    4. This product is an alkali-free liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly product, avoid direct contact with the mouth, eyes, and skin.