• ZM-TMJ concrete releasing agent produced by Zhe Ma company is suitable to be used in bridge plant, cement pipe plant, cement pipe pile plant and various concrete precast parts and so on.
    The product is a white emulsion liquid concrete releasing agent, it can be widely used in the cement precast parts and a variety of steel molds, wood molds, bamboo molds etc in the construction of concrete components, beam field releasing agents, cement releasing agents, pipe piles releasing agents and precast parts releasing agents.
    The pH value of this product is neutral, non-toxic, hence it is not irritating to workers’ skin, and does not no corrode the reinforced concrete. This concrete releasing agent has good isolation properties, the mold is easy to be removed, the surface can remain smooth and flat, edges and corners remain intact after the mold is removed. It can greatly reduce the generation of air bubbles and surface defects, which renders the concrete a good surface finish, no noise, no pollution.

    1. Clean the template, rust and concrete dirt are not allowed.
    2. Brush the concrete releasing agent evenly on the mold, or use spraying method, directly spray on the mold, the concrete can be poured after drying.
    3. The template brushed with releasing agent should be prevented from rainwater before use, if it comes into contact with rainwater, it should be rebrushed with the releasing agent.
    4. If the steel mold using this agent is not used for a long period of time, it should be brushed several times before placing it, this can prevent the template from rusting when it is placed for a long time.
    1. The concrete releasing agent should be mixed well before use.
    2. It should be evenly brushed, do not miss the brushing.
    3. Do not brush on rainy days.
    4. Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
    1. This product is 200kg/barrel, it can also be packaged according to user requirements.
    2. Store in a closed container, it has a validity period of one and a half year at room temperature.