1. The concrete synergist is also known as a reducing agent of the cementitious materials.
    2. Its main function is to improve the utilization rate of cement, mineral powder, fly ash in order to reduce the amount of cementitious materials, while achieving the same strength design requirements, it can greatly improve the workability of concrete.
    3. The main components of the concrete synergist are high-dispersion agents, high-density agents and other components to provide continuous growth during the later stage of cement setting.
    1. Based on the original mixing ratio, while the use of synergist dosage of 0.6%-0.8% of the cementitious materials can increase the concrete workability, it can increase one strength level, the 90-day strength can slowly increase.
    2. When it is used, it is added together with water reducing admixture into the concrete.
    3. Before use, it should be tested to determine the compatibility with the water reducing admixture and cement.
    1. It can be transported by tanker; Iron barrel 200kg/barrel; Plastic barrel 1000kg/barrel, it can also be specially packaged according to user requirements.
    2. This product has a one-year warranty, if there is precipitation during the warranty period, it is recommended to mix evenly before use and it does not affect the effect.